Curls and silk, a match made in heaven

Let’s face it, if you have curls it’s a love hate relationship, when your curls are well maintained they are glorious, but they are not always so easy to take care of. Silk for curls is a game changer! 

Curl products are expensive and taking care of curls is time consuming which is why sleeping on silk is a necessity when it comes to perfecting and embracing those beautiful locks you were blessed with.

Sleeping on silk will not draw moisture from your hair like cotton and other fabrics, and we all know moisture is what beautiful curl needs most. Your products will last longer before washes, your hair will not be dried out and frizzy and your hair routine will be much faster without having to restyle by wetting or adding product to add back moisture to thirsty curls.

Keep the frizz at bay with beautiful bouncy hydrated curls :)

Sleep on silk and rock your curls!